Mastering Git

Packt Publishing Mastering Video series An intense and detailed exploration of git, that covers a broad range of commands and operations you will use in your »

Search Engine Optimism

The Impossible Claims I have spent an innumerable amount of time trying, in futility, to explain the details of the Search Engine Optimization game to people »

My Code Does Not Have Bugs

As I have already stated, I write code and quite a lot of it. By its nature, the process of writing code means introducing "bugs". Without »

More Ruby Dating

In any/all programming languages dates and times are especially troublesome. The logical, orderly manner in which computers operate is almost in contrast to the way »

I Do Not Write Software

I am a Software Developer. The result of all my thought, effort and labor is computer software. However, I do not write software. There has been »

On a Date with Ruby

I recently had to deal with lots of date manipulation in Ruby-on-Rails. The application services Christian organizations, so most operations are centered around Sunday. There is »

Minecraft in a Biblical Context

A Thought Experiment I have played a fair bit of Minecraft. Even as an adult closely approaching 60 years old there are many aspects of it »

Biography of The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived

Until recently, any time I read the bible, I treated it as a sacred Tome of mysterious knowledge. Believing its hidden meaning must be discerned and »

TDD is Darned Difficult

I have been writing software for several decades; long before The Internet and these ‘new-fangled’ languages and frameworks. It is natural for me to approach a »

There is no Opposite

As a native speaker, I have a Love/Hate relationship with the English language. Often its subtle peculiarities will perplex me. More often I find them »

Hurry! I can't wait for you to read this!

I have noticed a serious increase in impatience in the world around me. And I am losing my ability to tolerate it!! < /sarcasm > I acknowledge »

Make Your P@55w0rd Secure

The Danger Every time you connect to any website you are accepting a certain risk. The techniques to compromise the security of popular websites are numerous. »