English Abuse - It Should Be A Crime

I have become increasingly aware of a trend in the English language that disturbs me. While reading an otherwise well written novel I found multiple occurrences »

Hang-up and Try Again

I know The Phone Company is not stupid. I spent the first 10+ years of my career working in the Telecommunications field, beginning at the cusp »

Do You Dangle On The Road?

Do You Dangle? Is there something hanging from the inside mirror in your car? The results of my informal, [barely] scientific testing reveal that more than »

"African American" is a meaningless phrase

This has been troubling me for quite some time. Regardless of the socio-political implications of it, the label “African American” makes no sense. Firstly, if you »

Is the Earth Getting More Dense?

I have only inhabited this earth for more than 50 years. That is a very short time in the history of the Universe. That is a »

Is There a Penalty for Being Precise?

I simply can’t figure it out. Are there some ‘magic words’ that have not been shared with me? Or is it, as I suspect, that »

BOGO on Eyes

No Thanks. I already have two! »

"Sex" is a Verb, not a Noun

“Why do we fill a form out by filling it in?” — ‘English is a crazy language’, Richard Lederer I was at the doctor’s office. This »

Fight Phishing - The Perfect Plan

Phishing is a bad thing I have devised a simple approach to the ever-growing problem of Internet Phishing. Having worked on the Internet since its birth, »

No Wonder the Plants Won't Grow


It's Downright Spooky!

I was in Winter Park during the fall. In the United States you can see decorations in preparation for Halloween. When I spotted this decoration (a »

In Training...

Today I visited the local Goodwill outlet that was just built in Oviedo. I think the Goodwill organization is magnificent and I am very happy to »