Biography of The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived

Until recently, any time I read the bible, I treated it as a sacred Tome of mysterious knowledge. Believing its hidden meaning must be discerned and deciphered through careful study and diligent prayer.

The bible has been quoted, misquoted and referenced as an immutable authority of truth and guidance.

Many religious leaders and scholars portray it this way.

Most recently my ideas about this book have changed.
You may call this an epiphany or a revelation!

The root of the Christian message is that Jesus is Savior. Accepting that, the goal of a Christian (defined as "one who follows Christ") is to better understand Christ. On my quest to be a "follower of Christ" I MUST learn about the man - His life, experiences and teachings.

The Bible really is a biography of Jesus Christ.

I have been reading the bible each day from the perspective that it is a series of stories and letters that describe Him; a biography. Although it includes dramatic tales of

  • Triumph
  • Trial
  • Devestation
  • Redemption
  • Perseverance
  • Deep Love
  • Personal conviction

it is a series of stories and letters that characterize and describe a unique man.
Jesus has the unique title as "the most significant person in human history". I believe that includes being the man whom has been the most written about.

Disregarding the debate whether He was God, during the time spent on earth Jesus Christ's activities and ideals are all described in detail; by numerous people.
As a Christian, it is my desire to KNOW Christ better. Reading His "Life Story" (without ignoring the significance of His death and the circumstances surrounding it) is an ideal means to that end.