Is the Earth Getting More Dense?

I have only inhabited this earth for more than 50 years. That is a very short time in the history of the Universe. That is a very short time in the history of the Earth.
But in that time I have noticed a significant change in many of the physical principles that rule this planet. Applying good “Scientific Method” and the results of careful observation, I have come to the following conclusions:

Gravity is getting stronger

It seems, as time goes on, things do not stay in my grasp quite as easily. Everything is heavier than 10 years ago.
It is increasingly difficult to get up from a crouch or get off the floor after playing with the dogs.
And when I stumble or fall the consequences are more severe.

Time is accelerating

I have a good recollection of things that have passed. But the distance between points in time has become compressed.
It was not so long ago that I found it terribly annoying to wait [for anything]. Recently, I have noticed that nothing seems to take so long I can’t wait for it.
And my children are suddenly grown and married! That was in the blink of an eye. Years are passing far more quickly.

The air is becoming more dense

It is increasingly more difficult to move through space.
Things appear a bit more ‘hazy’ in the distance.
Even sound is dampened by the ever-growing density of the atmosphere

And all these changes are dulling my senses. My brain seems clouded and muddled by this shift in the Physics of the world.

Have you noticed these things, too?