Is There a Penalty for Being Precise?

I simply can’t figure it out. Are there some ‘magic words’ that have not been shared with me? Or is it, as I suspect, that this country is filled with people who are simply stupid?
Home-made Cara-Mocha

Cafe Mocha with whipped cream and Caramel drizzled on topLike most people, there are a few things I purchase on a regular basis. Quite often I like to eat out and go to Subway. The food is fresh, it is [supposedly] healthy for ‘fast food’ and I like the idea of customizing my sandwich. As an engineering-type I have analyzed the process and determined that the bread is the foundation of the sandwich. For that reason, in order to expedite the process and be helpful to the “Sandwich Artist” building my sub, I always specify the size and type of bread FIRST:
“Hi, I would like Wheat Six inch , not toasted, please”, followed by a smile is [far too often] answered with, “What type of bread?”. Then, as the roll is being spread open, in anticipation of the meat, I am almost invariably asked, “would you like this toasted?”. Did I not specify all these parameters from the start? Was he not listening to me? The signs that normally indicate receipt and acknowledgement of an order were there : eye contact, a nod of the head, immediate jump to action in response to my request.

I see this pattern all over; not only in Subway. I like to get a hot Mocha from McDonald’s. I am one who prefers the human interaction and eschew the Drive-thru experience whenever possible.My normal order at McDonald’s is, “Good morning! I would like a Hot, Whole-Milk Mocha. Large with no whipped cream”. Does that not fulfill a complete and unambiguous order for a hot coffee? I thought so. However, it is rare when I do not hear, “Do you want that cold or hot?”. And then after answering I am asked, “Whole milk?”.

So, if you know and “Magical Phrase” that will force people to actually listen, please let me know.

{By definition, Mocha is a hot drink. Who ever thought of making it cold? When my coffee is cold I throw it away – or heat it back up!}