Minecraft in a Biblical Context

A Thought Experiment

I have played a fair bit of Minecraft. Even as an adult closely approaching 60 years old there are many aspects of it that appeal to me. The mining and exploration - which Notch describes as the initial impetuous to build the game - strikes a deeply-rooted human emotion.

It is very human and truly TIMELESS.

This lead me to an unusual thought; "How does the world of Minecraft relate to the world depicted in the Bible?"

Here is what immediately came to mind:

  • There exist plenty of fish, a reliable source of food
  • The skeletons, with their swords and shields, could represent the Roman soldiers
  • Zombies are analogous to the Pharisees (religious leaders of the time)
  • The Enderman would represent Satan ("Don't look directly in his eyes!")
  • There are Sheep and Pigs to herd (the latter are not to be eaten)

I have not [yet] placed the spiders. Perhaps they represent 'sin'. It seems to creep and sneak when you are not looking and can scurry away quickly if you try to recognize it.

I may try my hand at developing a Minecraft "Mod" in which your armor (protection) strength grows over time and is directly proportion to the amount of time you spend in prayer.
Also, you would be nourished, not only by the food but by the way in which you treat other players.
Lastly, if you give-up a portion of your food (a tithe), events in the world will be more favorable for you.